Why PSY9 Total Talent Solutions?

Be you, that’s all we ask. We aim to put together a workforce that is a melting pot of amazing individuals from all backgrounds and abilities across the world. PSY9 Staffing, as a highly organized staffing firm, is committed to promoting an egalitarian culture to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all employees.

PSY9 fosters diversity in its workforce, ensuring all employees are respected & valued. We bring together people of varying nationality, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, religious belief, sexual orientation and socioeconomic backgrounds

Total Talent Solutions & Workforce Management

With talent acquisition strategies changing, and technology becoming an increasingly more important force for the management of contingent workers, we take a look at the top three trends set to affect contingent workforce management in 2020. Direct Sourcing: The successful sourcing of top talent can have a significant impact on a company’s revenue and future direction As a result, businesses are moving away from traditional hiring models and adapting to a new generation of workers.

Workers in control: Companies must understand exactly what today’s contingent worker is looking for Failing to do so will prevent an employer from meeting their needs, and in turn, will see top talent move on to work with their competition Word of mouth is strong, and if a contractor has a bad experience with a business that news can spread to other top talents.

Increased mobility: Taking advantage of the mobility of the contingent workforce can save your organization money on overheads but it can also help you to tap into a more efficient workforce that helps boost your revenues and grow your company. End-to-end Information security services & MSSP IT Training & Development Direct Hire talent solutions Contract-to-hire solution.

Direct Hiring Talent Solutions

At PSY9, we believe that long-term engagements call for going that extra mile while hiring candidates. client satisfaction and long-term relationships are our prime objectives. Companies wanting to fill permanent positions trust us, job seekers looking for their dream jobs rely on us. Our strategically planned recruitment procedures ensure we provide you with tailored solutions for your direct hiring plans. Our extensive network of job applicants will help you fill even the most specialized job-roles with utmost accuracy. Direct hire candidates enjoy employment benefits like job stability, paid leaves, health insurance, etc. just like any other permanent employee of an organization but they will enjoy these benefits only after a rigorous hiring process that is conducted by our seasoned staffing team of experts. 

PSY9 ensures 5 main benefits of a Direct-hire staffing service:

 ● Attract a broader pool of qualified candidates, many of whom are more likely to choose a permanent position over a contract job.

 ● The long-term nature of the position leads to higher commitment and employee retention.

 ● Direct-hire is ideal for not using your own resources to source and screen candidates – unless you want to read 200 resumes to find 10 good ones.

 ● A staffing & recruitment firm not only has access to a larger data pool of qualified candidates, it also has the expertise to screen them more quickly & efficiently than you could do it in-house thereby saving time. 

● The new hire is on your payroll immediately, so you save the costs of contract hiring.

Contingent Hiring Talent Solutions

At PSY9, we consistently strive to find the best talent globally that will perfectly fit the job roles and the employers’ criteria. Employee shortages can be because of illness, maternity leave, unexpected departure, or the seasonal surge in projects to name a few. In critical times, hiring is indispensable to keep the project going.

PSY9 offers you Contingent Hire Services, which is the perfect solution and fine-tunes the workload vs. workforce balance in your organization. Our staffing service experts have a knack for assessing the job seeker’s compatibility with the job roles that the employers offer. Our team will help you with quick, flexible, and on-demand hiring with focused behavioral interviews and skill assessment tests. The process will be seamless and efficient. How will you benefit when you choose PSY9’s Contingent Hiring Services? We assist you in hiring temporary but highly skilled professionals to save time, efforts and costs on the hiring process, diverting this budget towards medical & training expenses of permanent recruits. Exhaustive working hours interjected by slump periods are a part of every business.

While sometimes these fluctuations are predictable, sometimes they come with no warning bells. PSY9 helps you strike a balance at the workplace with our flexible temporary staffing solutions to achieve the optimum number of employees. Managing payroll and compliance for temporary recruits should not be a headache for you because our team of seasoned experts manages this process with perfection. We also ensure to take the burden off your accounts team as we pay your staff. You can trust us even in urgent situations where you need to fill the spot immediately. With our thoroughly examined and evaluated database of talented workers, we can offer seamless hiring solutions.

Direct Hiring Talent Solutions

At PSY9, we offer highly refined Contract to Hire staffing solutions to meet the conditional job requirements of both employers and job seekers. We help clients hire the right talent aimed at contract positions for a pre-defined period with the possibility of converting it to a full-time role later. Our Contract to Hire staffing expert team will handle procedures like screening, short-listing, interviewing, etc., and will send across a filtered list. The contract period gives you additional time to evaluate the candidate’s skills before you offer them a full-time position. The biggest benefit of hiring employees is the buffer period that both parties get before moving into long-term engagement. The HR departments in larger organizations are overworked and smaller organizations may not have a separate HR department. In this case, the employers often fall short of the resources required for the tedious job of staffing and recruitment. Our dedicated hiring teams will help you eliminate various such stages, thus speeding up your hiring process. 

PSY9 ensures 6 main benefits of bringing a Contractual/temporary worker on-board: 

● Reduced long-term labor cost – A temporary worker does not require an annual salary nor the need to accrue money to spend on paid learning and development for them.

 ● Shorter hiring process – The process for hiring contract employees is traditionally a lot quicker –because you should be hiring technical skills to deliver something specific rather than a long-term cultural fit.

 ● Instant impact – Temporary workers need to make an instant impact so you will not have to spend weeks familiarizing them with the work environment, introducing them to every member of staff and training them with a whole multitude of systems.

 ● Fresh perspectives – An outsider could completely change the way a business operates. Your company could benefit from unique perspectives that a temporary worker can contribute.

 ● Highly skilled, niche experience – Having a highly specialized individual on your team can really help to drive your business forward. 

● Flexibility – Temporary workers work as per your schedules