What is Source Code Review?

The Source Code Review (SCR) that Psy9 performs is a methodical and secure evaluation of the software system and application code file. it’s for Security Loop Holes, Bugs that were intentionally introduced, designated as safe, and left unchecked during the development of applications and software systems.

There are occasions when certain applications and software systems may have flaws that enable attackers to steal sensitive information, resulting in the loss of tangible assets and secure knowledge. Verifying the implementation of important security controls involves reviewing the code file. Additionally, it examines the code for design faults and unearths any applications’ and software systems’ covert vulnerabilities.

Source code analysis not only shows that the statement on that line of code is ineffective, but it also identifies the incorrect variable that is the vulnerability. This gives application developers a way to curtail the description of each vulnerability case, enabling them to swiftly understand the problem.

Approach of Source Code Review

  • ✔️ Source Code Review begins with review of the software, and the coding process that went into making the software. The procedure includes all hands meeting pertaining to the software, with the engineering and product team. The code writers are required to provide information to an considerable list of questions associated to security for the purpose of figuring out secure application design issues.
  • ✔️ The second step includes groundwork of a code overview plan.
  • ✔️ The third step includes figuring out compromising records placed inside the code. Another necessary undertaking is to discover terrible coding techniques which makes it less difficult for attackers to acquire access to a software.
  • ✔️ Upon completion of analysis, the next step involves the verification of current flaws. Every possible security vulnerability is listed and remediation steps suggested to enhance the development cycle that a software goes through.

Challenges Of Source Code Review

Applications do contain defects, thus there is a potential that an attacker may take advantage of some of them to access or alter your data sources and skills. Due to their frequent hasty creation and rapid deployment without appropriate time for security testing, web apps in particular are especially susceptible to these vulnerabilities.

We have a detailed framework in place to audit internet-facing code. Our survey method is specifically tailored to find vulnerabilities that typically appear in applications. To conduct a source code audit, we combine human and computerised methodologies.

We can identify vulnerabilities across large code bases using tools like Checkmarx and Fortify, and then focus our efforts on security-specific modules of code (such those that implement encryption or approval) and targeted tests for business-related problems.