For many years’ businesses have invested tremendous amounts of money to build state of the art data centers and cybersecurity programs. Potential costs include acquiring a broad range of network and security solutions to minimize the risk of a data breach. Unfortunately, even the best-funded businesses, that make a significant investment in cybersecurity, still get breached.

Complicating matters is the fact that many smaller businesses must now address security concerns however they have limited, and in many cases zero on-staff cybersecurity expertise.

Before discussing the what a SOC-as-a-Service provides, and its potential benefits it is important to understand the cybersecurity challenges of both the past and present.

What We Offer – Premium SOC Features

Asset Discovery

Discover the IT assets with easy. Know who and what is connected to network.

Intrusion Detection

Detect intrusion attempts quickly and generates an alert.

AV with EDR

Free AV with EDR to get more insights on cyber threats. Detects and traces modern threats.  

User Monitoring

Identify suspicious user and behaviors that could indicate an insider threat.

Incident & Response

Mitigate discovered threats via automated and orchestrated actions

Log Management

Aggregate, retain, and enable investigation and analysis of security event data from across your network.

Compliance & Reporting

With capabilities such as built-in file integrity monitoring, pre-built reporting templates, and centralized log management.

 Managed Security Service

Get additional premium Cyber Security Managed Services along with SOC Subscription.  

PSY9-SOC Features – Enterprise Grade Soc At Affordable Price

Early Threat Detection

Detects the threat at early stage and blocks it immediately


Assured compliance with all industry standard regulatory rules (HIPPA, PCI DSS, GDPR)

Intuitive Dashboard

Full visibility with an intuitive web-based portal, powerful reporting, customized dashboards and drill-down analytics.


Simplify investigations and consistently identify, investigate and mitigate threats.


Easily scalable service that grows as your security needs do.

Easy Deployment

On-Premises and Cloud-based deployment with no software or hardware costs.

PSY9-SOC Features – Enterprise Grade Soc At Affordable Price

GAP Analysis

Identify the gaps in the current Infrastructure. And helps to mitigate the same quickly.

Certified Experts

Gain access to extensive cyber security expertise. Including a dedicated senior cyber security advisor.


Address the complex and constantly changing security landscape.

Complete Visibility

Actionable intelligence and complete visibility of IT Infrastructure.

Why PSY9?

Easy License Model – No more data volume and no more events per second

Security Managed ServiceFree security managed services along with SOC subscription.

Easy Log Retention –  Various options available for log retention to meet the compliance needs.

24 x 7 x 365 Live Monitoring – Round the clock monitoring by our cyber security experts.

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