What is Cloud Security Assessment?

Many organizations assume that cloud security is the cloud provider’s responsibility. This isn’t entirely true. It is your data, and you need to take ample measures to ensure that you protect it, every minute. We help you protect your assets including your customer data, platforms, applications, operating systems and networks that you put on the cloud. We also help with access management and encryption to ensure that all your information is protected from malicious attacks and compliance issues.

As PSY9 continues to see more services migrating to the cloud, the need for cloud security testing increases. PSY9 delivers cloud-based penetration testing for cloud service providers as well for the clients that use these services as a core part of our penetration testing offerings. PSY9 has extensive experience in working with all major cloud service providers. Whether it is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (Saas), PSY9’s information security and penetration testing consultants are experienced in testing and security for all types of environments.

The Cloud Security Problem

Although cloud providers offer increasingly robust security controls, you are ultimately responsible for securing your company’s workloads in the cloud.

According to the 2019 Cloud Security Report, the top cloud security challenges highlighted are about data loss and data privacy. This is followed by compliance concerns, tied with concerns about accidental exposure of credentials.

Biggest Cloud Security Threats

  • ✔️ Unauthorised Access
  • ✔️ Insecure Interfaces/APIs
  • ✔️ Misconfiguration of the cloud platform
  • ✔️ Hijacking of accounts services or traffic
  • ✔️ External sharing of data
  • ✔️ Malicious insiders
  • ✔️ Malware/ransomware

How Can You Benefit from Cloud Penetration Testing?

The benefits of a cloud penetration test are increased technical assurance, and better understanding of the attack surface that your systems are exposed to. Cloud services, whether they are infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), or software as a service (SaaS), are prone to security misconfigurations, weaknesses, and security threats just as traditional systems are.

By performing a cloud penetration test you will get:

  • A better understanding of your cloud estate. What services do you have in the cloud? What systems do you expose to the public?
  • A detailed report on any common security misconfigurations along with our recommendations for how to secure your cloud configuration.

The increased assurance will come from the fact that that you will gain visibility of the security weaknesses of your cloud estate. You will be able to verify what services and data are publicly accessible, what cloud security controls are in effect, and how effectively these are mitigating your security risk.

How Can You Benefit from Cloud Penetration Testing?

Combination of penetration tests for testing in the Cloud

  • ✔️ Saas Pen test
  • ✔️ IaaS and Paas Pen test
  • ✔️ Internal Pen test
  • ✔️ External Pen test

Specialized solutions for Cloud based deployments

  • ✔️ Data Protection
  • ✔️ User Access Management
  • ✔️ Cloud Visibility and Discrepancy Detections

Niche Hybrid Cloud security testing encompassing

  • ✔️ On-Premise Solutions
  • ✔️ Cloud based Solutions